Maredumilli Resorts Booking From Hyderabad

Seven Hills Resort, acclaimed as the finest luxury heritage resort in Maredumilli, Nestles on the serene banks of the Waterfall Jalataranigi, the vast stretch of tranquil, emerald green View Points and Waterfalls, in one of Andhra Pradesh 's popular holiday spots, Maredumilli.

Maredumilli Resorts Booking From Hyderabad

Seveen Hills Resort

For 3 Members - Rs 3500

Maredumilli 1 Day Tour Package

Adult – Rs.1800
Child – Rs.1500

Maredumilli 2 Days Tour Package

Adult – Rs.5000
Child – Rs.4500

Gudisa Tour Package

For 6 Members Rs.10000

Contact Us

+91 7382434666, 9032637007


Seven Hills Resorts and Tourism
Main road, Maredumilli, Andhra Pradesh 533295

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